Thursday, April 9, 2009

Flash cycles

Flash-tastic! I need to get better at this flash thing. I'm slowly making progress, one cycle at a time.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Comicon was AWESOME

So I went to comicon and I met some amazing artsits. One of my favorites was Raven Mimura, a freelance illustrator who does a lot of DnD art. I was very impressed by his beholders and his sense of color. He gave me some great feedback on my sketchbook too.

He's drawn some of the more well known beholder artworks- if you google 'beholder' many of the images that pop up are his.

Stephen Silver was at comicon as well. I got to look at some of the stuff at his booth and it just blew me away. He did character designs for many mainstream cartoons, and his drawings were just amazing. I loved it!

Augie Pagan's stuff also really impressed me. I was tempted to buy some of his prints but then I realized I was broke! Here's his blog:

I absolutely adore how expressive and colorful his stuff was. Delicious!

There were also some less than impressive artsits there. I got a chance to look at Frank Cho's artbooks, and the one thing that stood out was that every woman he draws looks exactly the same. He's default drawing the same person, over and over again, in different poses with different hair styles.

I can spot so many anatomical errors in his stuff. It's pretty scary. I feel bad bashing on Frank Cho, considering he was a guest of honor and since he's worked in the comic industry for so long and can render things a hell of a lot better than I can. Still, I gotta say I'm grateful for life drawing and the education I'm getting.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Some life drawings, some doodles, some stuff for my game. Seems like I draw a lot of portriats, haha. All done within the last couple of weeks- except for some of the doodles with Aspen (the pixie) in 'em. I uploaded those since my DnD group doesn't know what she looks like. Those are from around midterm time. Take a looksee!

Byaaaaaaahhhhh it's almost finals week D: