Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Some life drawings, some doodles, some stuff for my game. Seems like I draw a lot of portriats, haha. All done within the last couple of weeks- except for some of the doodles with Aspen (the pixie) in 'em. I uploaded those since my DnD group doesn't know what she looks like. Those are from around midterm time. Take a looksee!

Byaaaaaaahhhhh it's almost finals week D:

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  1. Hello Bryanna, this is Tiago, the Brazilian guy who spoke to you by Omegle just a few moments ago. Sorry for my sudden leaving, my internet connection is shameful, and it caused the disconnection! Just want to say that I loved your work, really nice sketches! I'm not able to make even a simple little house in the paper! Congratulations for the great and beautiful work, really! Well, I'll leave my e-mail address here, in case you want to say something, or show me more of your work, just e-mail me, ok?

    Fine, that is all for now, I wish you success in your career, girl, bet you'll have a great future! Kisses.