Thursday, December 1, 2011

Current Project: Fall of Cybertron

FXVille is an awesome place to work; they recently extended my contract. I'm on a new project, doing FX art and animation. The project is High Moon's Fall of Cybertron. High moon recently put out this teaser, which makes me really excited for the trailer next week.

I am excited for when this ships so I can share some of my FX work with everyone :)

COD MW3, second shipped title!

BTW, my second title shipped recently, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3! I worked on the Wii port. I ported two single player levels, "Eye of the Storm" and "Stronghold."

This screenshot is from "Eye of the Storm." Many of the buildings in here I rebuilt entirely in order to meet the strict Wii specs. I rebuilt all of the windows as BSP from the expensive, many polygon models they were before. I also LODed and streamed everything in the map, made new materials and a few new textures. I found a video online that someone else took of the Wii playthrough of this level. This 15 minutes or so of gameplay was about 3-4 months worth of work. I was the sole builder for the Wii port for this level.

The other level I did worldbuilding for was "Stronghold." This level I was the primary builder for, but not the sole builder. For the first three weeks of building in order to get it in memory I had a lot of help from my coworker Eric Dyer. I was the person who finished the level for the last 4 weeks though and got it to the AAA level of quality.