Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Practice stuff!

This is just some practice work I've done recently. Not portfolio worthy at all.

I went to figure drawing for the first time in like... two months yesterday. I am so rusty! Thankfully I have all summer to go to figure drawing; I'm going to go every week I possibly can so I can get better. The above drawing is a 35 minute pose and it has a lot of issues.

The cannon was for a contest on game-artist.net. It's a 90 minute speed texture. The contest involved a unwrapped model that we had to texture in 90 minutes, and then screncap viewport image. Rendering was not allowed. For some reason, the viewport shader made everything shiny. I can assure you my spec map didn't look anything like that, and when I rendered it out on a blinn it looks much better. I didn't end up entering the contest with it since I didn't want to enter something this n00bish- but it was a good experience nonetheless.

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