Saturday, July 18, 2009


I haven't posted anything in a month or so since I've been working at UW teaching Maya and the UT3 editor for the past four weeks, through Internal Drive summer camps. It's the most enjoyable, fun, rewarding and well paying job I've ever had. Maya is a pretty slick software package and I'm glad I've been learning it, since I'm considering using it for my Junior Animation project. I think I've learned more by teaching it and solving issues than I ever would have learned just by taking a Maya class.

Anyhow, if you want to check out some of my student's work, check out I teach at UW, and I only teach it every other week- so you'll only see projects up there from week 2 and week 4. :)

This was made by one of my students. He didn't have prior modeling experience, but he did have a great fondness for rubik's cubes. He dissasembeled it and measured it out, modeling it from observation. All I really had to do was show where the modeling tools were, how to make materials shiny, which buttons to press during rendering and where to place his lights. He did everything else. I was so proud of him.

I'll probably post more of my own stuff soon- since I'll be making all new art for my game project (as all the old stuff just got thrown out the window due to a gameteam explosion) and because I have a backlog of stuff I need to post. Scanner, here I come!

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