Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More projects stuff

My environment needs love. The lighting sucks. I don't have normal maps, just bumpmaps everywhere. I'd also like to try baking in some AO to make it look darker/more gritty and to save on render time.

This week I completely redid the legs for this model. I tweaked the body and the hands (only spent like an hour tweaking those) and I also compleatly redid the face. I didn't redo the face from scratch, I kept things like the nose, but I spent a good 6 hours reworking it- not counting the time I spent on those ears. It took so long to model those ears, I went through three iterations. I also unwrapped the half of the model before collapsing the two instances into themselves; so I only have a little bit of tweaking to do on the UVW front. I should finish the UVs tonight.

Things I still have to model are the glasses (my first attempt turned out sucky) and possibly a belt for her dress to help show where her hips will be during animation.

Once the UVWs are done I'm going to zbrush some wrinkles onto her face and folds into her dress.


  1. Looks much improved since the last time I saw it, nice job!

  2. Ugh, I'm very jealous of your model. Mine is so messed up with the copious amounts of edge loops it has.

    Love your scene too!

  3. thanks david. It still has some way to go, I gotta retexture the blackboard since my old lady's hair changed.

    Thanks Amanda. I spent a long time doing the edge loops on the face. I'm just now getting my unwrawps done... I am behind.