Monday, February 15, 2010

Monkey King- Rig, model, texture progress

Cool. I'm getting closer! :) Here's what I have done in the last two weeks:

-The rig has a completed FK spine, IK feet and FK arms. The legs/feet have a reverse foot control with custom attributes I set up in Hypershade. I don't want to put an IK on the spine or the arms. I perfer FK for animating these since it gives me more control with the pose.
-Diffuse map.
-Normal map.
-More details on the model.

Here's what I have left to do:

-Tweak diffuse map on the character, and texture his skirt/costume.
-Add finger controls.
-Make a face rig with face controls.
-Speculiar map.
-More fur tufts w/alpha channels to make him look more hairy.


  1. He looks great!

    Did you paint the diffuse in Mudbox?

  2. I did, with tweeks in photoshop :)