Monday, April 12, 2010

Monkey progress

Monkey- Block plus finish from blindsey on Vimeo.

Animation block plus is about done. There's some weirdness with his head I need to fix. I also have to make a moving hold at the end. Once that's done I will start refining my arcs and editing my splines in polish.


  1. I like your acting. Keep in mind that if you want a more "toon" look you could push the exaggerations of the personality a bit more. Also watch for the knee pop around 4 seconds in.

    If you're open to new tools, you should try CamFrameCounter. It's a free Maya Script that shows your current frame number in a camera view. It really helps when you're diagnosing animation for timing issues.

    There's also an app called Annotate Pro. It's an app that let's you draw over your screen, so to speak. When you're working on an animation in Maya, using Annotate can help you draw out the arcs and key frames in roughly so you can work out the timing while you scrub the Maya Timeline and playblasts. Well worth the $20 if you ask me.

    Download CamFrameCounter:

    Annotate Pro:

  2. Oh man, thanks so much. Yeah I fixed the knee yesterday actually, one of the things I hate about IK's is that I tend to hyper extend them sometimes :< There's a wobbolyness to his head I have been trying to fix. Its still really student quality, haha.

    Thank you so much for the comment and the advice, I will take it to heart :D