Monday, November 2, 2009

GATTAI! Animations

Here are some animations for my awesome game team. I've been working on modeling the main character's interchangeable parts as well as the animations. Obviously all of this (even texture) is a major WIP but the team needed something for the presentation so I brought it up to a level of semi-polish. I have other parts modeled too, but I used all the same ones for the presentation. No bumps or normals yet, just diffuse. Animations need work; it's so hard to animate for interchangeable parts! A fun challenge though. I liked animating the thriller dance even though I (obviously) need to make a second pass on all the animations; I haven't touched the splines very much. I got up and danced thriller a little bit, and it really helped me to animate better.

I find working on game team stuff much more enjoyable than projects class, mostly because my team is more fun than my professors. I guess professors aren't supposed to be fun though.

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