Monday, March 23, 2009

BFA and Masters CS

Drew two more today- they need a lot of love, especially BFA guy. Really not digging him right now. Any suggestions? I'm trying to get these done as fast as I possibly can, so I only put in like 3-4 hours each on these things. D:


  1. Hey, I think the biggest thing that I'm noticing are multiple tangencies in both pictures. On the BFA guy: the left foot to the right calf, arm/face/thumb overlapping, etc. These can be pretty easy changes too so if you're in a time crunch, just seperate them out instead of changing the whole pose.

    If you wanted to, on the BFA guy, you can play with the perspective by adding some blur and/or knocking back some of the value on the hand to make that pop out more.

    Hope that helps. Great style, though. I dig the colors.

  2. Thanks Gurp- much appreciated! I need to finish these up as soon as I can- I can totally see the errors you're talking about... You've been quite helpful!